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2 doses of COVID vaccine will give you longer immunity, UTMB researcher says



HOUSTON – Eight months after the second dose of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, experts believe antibodies are starting to decline and a booster vaccine is needed.

You receive reminders for other vaccines, including influenza, pneumonia, and Tdap.

The difference with COVID mRNA vaccines is that it teaches the body to fight off the spike protein. While the decrease in antibodies within a year of getting vaccinated isn’t great, it’s not the only thing that works to protect you against infection.

UTMB molecular biology professor Pei-Yong Shi said the immune system strengthens its defense after your second dose of vaccine and will likely last a long time, especially compared to someone who never gets a vaccine.

“Compared to not being vaccinated for sure, you are much better off even without the booster,” he said.

However, since the vaccine has taught your body to recognize the spike protein, your body should be able to generate antibodies when they are needed, but the length of time your body is trained to do so is still running out. ‘study.

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“Time will tell and I am sure all public health officials and vaccine manufacturers are monitoring the situation closely. It’s only been nine months in the game, ”said Shi.

Shi said it’s worth getting the booster as soon as it’s available to you.

“You can always say, ‘We can wait’. And you can still argue that the antibody isn’t the only protective immunity – even though it’s below levels detectable in the initial clinical trial and already showing protection – but in the face of a public crisis, want to you wait that long? I think it’s a matter of judgment here and in public health it’s all about prevention, you don’t want to be too late, ”said Shi.

Waiting and seeing what happens only leaves more time for the new strains of the virus to develop into something that vaccines cannot fight off.

UTMB research shows that all current vaccines protect against all strains of the virus.

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