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3 Best Vegan and Organic Elderberry Gummies for Immune Support



Different herbal compounds have the potential to improve immune function and help the body prevent infections. One of the most notable immune-boosting herbs is elderberry.

Elderberry and its extracts have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, and it is widely used as a natural immune system booster and flu fighter. While there hasn’t been any conclusive scientific evidence to support its health effects, it is a safe herbal remedy that anyone can supplement their diet with.

Fresh, uncooked elderberries (sambucus) are inedible because they contain toxic compounds. Cooked berries and their juice (syrup) are safe to eat in moderate amounts. Many supplements on the market use berry extracts with different levels of active compounds.

You can buy elderberry supplements in various forms, including gummy candies, which are a little less boring to take than swallowing pills. Here are three of the best vegan elderberry gummies that can help boost your immunity and overall well-being.

Before you buy: Elderberry is a food, not a medicine. It contains natural nutrients and compounds that can boost immune function, but this has not been scientifically proven in large-scale human studies. You probably won’t notice any immediate results, but it is a healthy and worthy addition to your diet.

These delicious gummies are made from organic elderberry offering a dose of 400 mg per serving (2 gummies). They also contain zinc, an essential mineral that improves immune system function and helps reduce inflammation and infections.

The other two active ingredients are organic blueberry and organic ginger, both of which have several health benefits and are also recommended for a strong immune system.

This product is certified vegan and organic, soy, gelatin and gluten free. Each serving contains only 2 grams of sugar and a total of 15 calories. Each bottle contains 54 gummy candies (27 servings) and you can buy it for the current price of around $ 12.

Garden of Life is a very reputable brand that manufactures many high quality, clean and organic food supplements. Their Immune Gummy supplement is more than just elderberry jelly beans; it is a powerful immune boosting formula that contains different ingredients commonly used for this purpose.

The herbal blend in these candies contains the following: organic black elderberry fruit extract and juice concentrate, chokeberry berry, emblic (amla) extract, echinacea purpurea extract, rosemary leaf extract and guava leaf and fruit extract. The formula also contains vitamin C and zinc, both of which are necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system.

This product does not contain any artificial ingredients, gelatin, gluten, soy, GMOs or refined sugar. It’s vegan, organic, and naturally flavored with a blend of tasty fruit purees and juice concentrates. It contains natural fruit sugar and the gummy candies are dusted with organic rice powder.

Each serving (4 candies) contains 7 grams of fruit sugars and 35 calories. One bottle contains 120 pieces (30 servings) and costs around $ 25. It’s a bit pricey, but it contains additional beneficial herbs and is certified organic.

Zhou Nutrition’s elderberry jelly candies are also a decent product that is free of gelatin, soy, GMOs, and artificial colors. They are 100% plant-based, vegan, naturally flavored and tasty.

In addition to elderberry extract, these also offer a good amount of vitamin C and zinc, which as mentioned earlier play an important role in the body’s immune system.

Each serving of 2 gummy candies contains 3 grams of sugar and 20 calories. The product sells for around $ 13 for 60 gummies, which makes 30 servings.

Questions and answers

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about elderberry and its uses.

Question: Does elderberry treat flu and colds?

Reply: Despite the fact that elderberry has been used for ages as a natural remedy for flu and colds, its effectiveness is largely based on anecdotal evidence reported by users. So far, studies have failed to obtain conclusive evidence to support its effectiveness in treating influenza, although some early studies have noted promising positive results in its ability to reduce severe symptoms.

Question: Does elderberry treat viral infections?

Reply: Some studies have shown that elderberry juice has antiviral properties and can help the body fight viral infections by boosting the immune response, but again, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support this claim as of yet. Considering its general safety, you are free to try it yourself, but don’t rely on it to protect you from any infection or disease as this has not been sufficiently proven in clinical trials.

Question: Is elderberry safe for children and adults?

Reply: Generally speaking, yes, taking properly prepared (cooked) elderberry is safe for adults and children, and has no known significant side effects. Eating the berries raw and uncooked or their juice is not safe and can be poisonous. Some products are specially designed for children while others with a higher dosage may be more suitable for adults. Follow label directions and consult a doctor before giving any elderberry product to a child under four years of age. People with autoimmune disease should avoid taking any elderberry supplement before seeing their doctor, as it can interact with their medications and make their symptoms worse.

Question: Should you buy gummy candy or elderberry syrup?

Reply: Elderberry gummies and liquid syrups are both preferred by many people over encapsulated supplements. They both do pretty much the same thing, and despite what some may claim, there is no evidence that liquid supplements are more effective than gummy candies, or vice versa.

It should be noted, however, that syrups generally offer a higher dosage per serving than gummy candies, but that often comes at a higher price. Another possible downside to gummies is that they usually contain additional sugar and other additives which, while safe for consumption, may not be appreciated by some people. Ultimately, it depends on personal preferences and specifics of the product, such as dosage, active and additional ingredients, price, etc.

If you’re interested in trying the syrup, here are two quality brands of elderberry syrup to buy:

This syrup offers a substantial dosage of elderberry extract, in addition to zinc and chokeberry juice concentrate. Again, zinc is important for strong immunity, and aronia berry is another herbal remedy used to boost the immune system. It is a clean product that is certified organic and vegetarian.

This contains a combination of elderberry extract and juice concentrate, in addition to a few other active ingredients that help support immune function, namely: vitamin C, zinc, chokeberry, emblic extract ( amla), guava extract, echinacea purpurea extract and rosemary extract. It is an organic concentrated syrup that contains no added sugar.