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4th edition of Real Pirates Wear Pink raises funds for breast cancer research


IInternational Talk Like a Pirate Day it’s not until September 19th, but if you want to practice your ” AARGHs! ” and perfect your swashbuckling technique, the 4th Real pirates wear pink is a great opportunity. Fundraising for the American Cancer Society (ACS) will take place from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on September 10 at Rutledge Corn Maze and will feature costume contests, a raffle, food and drink vendors, and a preview of the Corn Maze before it opens to the general public.

The event is a local version of the ACS annual event Real men wear pink campaign, which runs throughout October. In 2017, Michael Jameson, a Lacey South Sound Chamber of Commerce board member and a senior loan officer with American Bank, was inspired to develop the program during an ACS fundraiser. “I listened to a passionate plea to join the fight,” he explains. “As I sat there thinking about all the ways that cancer has affected me and the people I care about, family and friends, I decided it was time to quit. talk about it and do something about it. “

Many donors and sponsors come together to support the cause. Rutledge Corn Maze provides the venue at no cost, Restaurant Ricardo and Linnea’s unique boutique provide prizes for costume contests and Lacey Slainte’s band donate their time. “Rutledge has a large lot with a gazebo and fire pit, and that’s where we have food and drink vendors,” says Cheryl Sparkuhl, event co-chair and co-owner of Sparkuhl stump grinding. “The fact that we can walk through the maze before it is open to the public is a treat. “

Co-Chairs Cheryl Sparkuhl and Mike Jameson go all out with their costumes every year. Courtesy of the photo: Real pirates wear pink

Each year, the costume contests are a highlight, with separate categories for men, women and couples. Co-Chairs Jameson and Sparkuhl are doing everything they can. “Michael spends about three hours in the chair doing his hair and makeup,” laughs Sparkuhl. She, meanwhile, will be sporting pink hair with a pink tulle skirt under her pirate outfit this year courtesy of Grace Kelley Bridal Boutique.

Commercial vendors can set up a booth, and many have also contributed items to raise funds. It is a cause that many are keen to support. Dirty Dave’s Pizza, for example, had already donated a birthday party for 15, but the owner wanted to make sure that the donation would bring maximum benefit to cancer research. “He said to me, ‘I want you to do this so that people will bid on it and you get more money,’” Sparkuhl recalls. This prize will be drawn with contributions from other local organizations.

Chiropractic Green will also be on hand to offer adjustments for a suggested donation, with all proceeds going to the campaign. Other providers will include Puget Sound Taps, Sandstone distillery and Kombucha Luv. “People can buy food, drink, or other items and then donate to the Cancer Society,” says Sparkuhl. Lacey Chamber Board Chairman Christine Forrey, a real estate agent with the Toth Group at Keller-Williams, is the first sponsor of the event.

Jameson, shown here with Nichole Woolsey, Senior Development Manager for the American Cancer Society, was inspired to create the event in 2017. Photo Courtesy: Real Pirates Wear Pink

Cancer research is something that members of local organizations can support because unfortunately many have had a friend or family member affected by the disease. In Jameson’s case, these include many family members whose lives were cut short: sister Maureen at 76, brother Tim at 42, daughter Rachael, mother of daughter Shirley at 62. , nephew Casey at 25 and sister-in-law Irene at 68. many lives have been lost and families devastated by this insidious disease called cancer, ”he laments. “If there is anything I can do to help ease the pain and suffering and move the needle to a cure, I will.” Sparkuhl also lost a close friend to cancer.

Tickets cost $ 50 and include a t-shirt as well as access to the corn maze and group performance. To buy tickets or visit the Real Pirates Wear Pink Facebook page to learn more about the event.

The event awards prizes for the best costume in the male, female and couples categories. Courtesy of the photo: Real pirates wear pink
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