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A leading company in the field of medical devices will build a center for


Sacramento (RANCHO CORDOVA), Calif., March 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: THMO), in partnership with the City of Rancho Cordova and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council (GSEC), announced that the company is building a multi-million dollar, 35,500 square foot cell manufacturing center of excellence in Rancho Cordova, a Greater Sacramento suburb, to provide contract manufacturing services for cell therapies, including one called ” CAR-T cell therapy”. ”, which could save the lives of many cancer patients just like Emily Whitehead.

The field of CAR-T cell therapy emerged in 2012 when a young girl named Emily Whitehead, diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at the age of 5, received the first CAR-T cell therapy after all others treatment options have been exhausted. CAR-T cell therapy saved her life and she is now celebrating nine years without cancer.

The work was led by Professor Carl June of the University of Pennsylvania. They then published their impressive results in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2017, reporting clinical trial data from 111 patients treated with autologous anti-CD19 CAR-T cell therapy (using their own cells), where the rate of response was 82%, and the complete response rate was 54%. This was remarkable compared to the results of traditional cancer therapies.

In 2017, following outstanding clinical results, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first CAR-T cell therapy, Kymriah®, using the patient’s own immune cells for the treatment of acute leukemia lymphoblastic. As of the end of 2021, the FDA has approved five CAR-T therapies for various forms of blood cancers, and worldwide there are more than 1,200 registered clinical trials related to CAR-T cells targeting a variety of blood tumors and solid.

CAR-T cell therapy, along with other cell therapies, will now be the focus of the Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence will be an expansion of ThermoGenesis’ current operations in the region with the goal of quadrupling production efficiency and halving costs for cell gene therapy (CGT) drugs. The project plans to create more than 100 well-paying professional jobs and generate more than $500 million in new revenue over the next 10 years.

Chris Xu, Ph.D, Chairman and CEO of ThermoGenesis, said, “ThermoGenesis aspires to leverage our 35 years of history and innovative insights to create a competitive advantage in cell manufacturing for cell gene therapies, which , we believe, will become a major part of We believe this new center will facilitate the development of more innovative cell-based drugs, meeting the needs of future drug developers and patients, and bringing more innovation to healthcare.

Over the past decade, CGT has become the “next pillar of medicine”. CGT primarily uses its own cells to produce a form of cell-based medicine to fight diseases, including cancer. Although highly effective, the low manufacturing efficiency, lack of manufacturing capacity, and high production costs of these breakthrough therapies hamper their future applications and accessibility. ThermoGenesis’ new facility in Greater Sacramento will help alleviate some of these barriers, increasing both production and accessibility.

“We are thrilled to see ThermoGenesis deepen its roots in Greater Sacramento. Their 35-year commitment to the region is a testament to our transformation into a world-class life sciences community,” said Barry Broome, President and CEO of GSEC. “We look forward to the continued growth and success of ThermoGenesis here.

ThermoGenesis was founded in 1986 in Rancho Cordova. The company chose to build its new manufacturing facility in the area, thanks to the support the city of Rancho Cordova had provided them over the years and the availability of skilled talent in the area, including partnerships with institutions regional education programs facilitated by GSEC.

“The City of Rancho Cordova is proud to welcome ThermoGenesis’ new Center of Excellence for Cellular Manufacturing to our community,” said City Manager Cyrus Abhar. “ThermoGenesis has made a longstanding investment in Rancho Cordova, creating new jobs in our town and boosting our local economy. We are excited to see how ThermoGenesis will continue to develop innovative health therapies and make them more affordable, saving lives around the world from its home in Rancho Cordova.

ThermoGenesis has pioneered the development of automated cell processing technologies for cell banking and, more recently, the field of cellular gene therapy. Its AXP® and BioArchive® systems have been the number 1 platform for the cord blood banking industry. More than 1.2 million cord blood samples have been processed with ThermoGenesis technology worldwide, and nearly 90% of all FDA-approved (BLA) cord blood units in the United States have been stored in the BioArchive® intelligent cryo-storage system.

Thermogenesis is the latest in a series of cell and gene therapy companies exploring expansions and relocations in the Greater Sacramento area. Fueled by world-class medical research centers like UC Davis, the upcoming $1.1 billion Aggie Square research park and just 90 miles from the San Francisco Bay, the area is quickly becoming a magnet for innovation in cell and gene therapy.

“ThermoGenesis’ advances in cell and gene therapy are a perfect embodiment of First Northern’s and GSEC’s support of innovative work in the region,” said Jeremiah Z. Smith, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief operating company of First Northern Bank and member of the board of directors of GSEC.


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About ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc.

ThermoGenesis Holdings, Inc. develops, markets and commercializes a range of automated technologies for CAR-T and other cell therapies. The company currently markets a full suite of solutions for automated clinical biobanking, point-of-care applications and automation for immuno-oncology, including its functionally closed, semi-automated CAR-TXpress™ platform, which streamlines the manufacturing process for emerging drugs. CAR-T Immunotherapy Market. For more information about ThermoGenesis, please visit: www.thermogenesis.com.

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The city of Rancho Cordova incorporated on July 1, 2003, becoming the 478th city in California. Since then, the city has grown into an emerging urban center, while maintaining a small-town feel. More than 3,500 businesses employ more than 65,000 people, making Rancho Cordova one of the largest employment centers in the Greater Sacramento area. The city’s nearly 80,000 residents enjoy a beautiful six-mile stretch of the American River, a thriving arts scene, 26 miles of biking and walking paths, 70 acres of streams and tributaries. and over 100 events (mostly free). Whether you call Rancho Cordova an American City, Playful City USA, or Tree City USA, the city’s neighborhoods and business districts reflect diversity and opportunity, making Rancho Cordova a community where anyone can live, work, learn and play.