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A&M-Central Texas Hires Research Park Consultant; second campus research company | Local News


Texas A&M University-Central Texas now has a second company to conduct research on its campus, and it has also hired a consultant to help conceptualize the research park the university wants to build.

Marc Nigliazzo, president of the university, said Wednesday morning that Trideum Corporation had recently received the keys to its office and joined Centex Technologies as tenants on campus.

Trideum is a company headquartered at Cummings Research Park in Huntsville, Alabama, and has offices in 22 states and Kuwait, company chief executive Van Sullivan said on Wednesday.

Trideum’s role in central Texas will be to support the U.S. Army Operational Test Command at West Fort Hood and work on testing and assessment for the military.

Sullivan said he hosted members of the Killeen community three years ago when they visited Cummings Research Park to see it as a potential model for A&M-Central Texas Research Park.

He said one of the intriguing things about central Texas was the “untapped” talent of the workforce.

“There is a wealth of talent in military wives that is traditionally untapped. There is a multitude of talent starting in middle schools, going up, maybe not realizing the opportunities available to them, ”Sullivan said.

Sullivan added that Trideum intends to be a partner with A & M-Central Texas for years to come.

“We’re here for the long haul to make this area, and this research park in particular, a success,” Sullivan said.

However, to make the research park a reality, the university needed to hire a consultant. That’s where Perkins & Will, a global design firm across the country, comes in.

Stephen Coulston, director of Perkins & Will, explained what role he and the company will have.

“We are the senior consultant developing the research park plan for Texas A&M-Central Texas and examining the larger innovation ecosystem here in Killeen,” Coulston said.

Nigliazzo explained Wednesday morning that the university recently received a $ 1.2 million grant from the Defense Ministry’s Local Defense Community Cooperation Office to hire a consultant.

A&M-Central Texas has been in the process of establishing the research park for a few years. The university has two potential locations for the research park on its campus, which the consultant can help determine the best.

Coulston said Perkins & Will were thrilled to be working with A & M-Central Texas, ranking the university as a “strong and willing partner”.