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Alien-Like Creature Found Deep Sea, Scientists Call It ‘Darth Vader’


A new study has found giant isopods deep below the ocean surface in the Gulf of Mexico and it’s been called ‘Darth Vader of the Seas’ because of its resemblance to the ‘Star Wars’ villain. The study showed that the new species called “genus Bathynomus” is about 2,500% larger than common varieties. According to the official statement, the discovery was made in the benthic zone – the deepest part of the ocean – and is a significant addition to existing knowledge.

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“The ecological diversity of the Gulf of Mexico is perhaps more complex than [previously] thought. I was skeptical. Since the Enoshima Aquarium in Japan only bought B. giganteus, I always thought it was B. giganteus,” said Huang Ming-Chih, lead author of the study. , at LiveScience.

The discovery was made when Huang obtained the specimen from Enoshima Aquarium in Japan assuming it was B. giganteus. However, analysis by the team showed that it was different at the cellular level and exhibited qualities not found before.

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The specimen was originally found by scientists near Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula in 2017. While the working theory is that they are related to crustaceans that include woodlice, the size of the specimen found between 2 000 and 2,600 feet below sea level is much larger than the common species.

The first recorded discovery of isopods dates back to 1879 when scientists found it in the ocean and over the years around 20 varieties of the group have been discovered by researchers.