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Annual Covid-19 injections “are probably necessary to maintain immunity”


The Taoiseach said annual injections of the Covid-19 vaccine would be likely to retain immunity to the virus.

Micheal Martin said the HSE is evaluating plans to “turn on and off” immunization programs for annual injections.

Mr Martin said he couldn’t “definitively” say whether the highly contagious variant of Omicron could help build mass immunity through infections.

The leader of Fianna Fail said that if the Omicron variant were less severe but more contagious, it could “create a new horizon”.

The Taoiseach said annual injections of the Covid-19 vaccine would be likely to retain immunity to the virus Credit: Liam McBurney / AP

When asked if the Omicron variant could help the country come out of the pandemic with massive infection, Mr Martin said: “Some people have put forward this point of view but I’m not expert enough, to be frank. , to say it definitively.

“We know that Omicron has actually re-infected people who have already been infected with Delta, which opens the horizon for potential re-infection in the future.

“The key issue would be the severity, you know, in terms of whether it’s a lot more contagious but less impactful. It could create a new horizon – a new scenario – for the future.

“I would have more hope than not that we would improve in this area. I just don’t have the data to be definitive on the surge.

Mr Martin said the immunization program had “been a game-changer” over the past 12 months.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin Credit: Julien Béhal Photography

“Do we really think we’d be open today in terms of retail, construction and everything in between if we had 4,500 cases or 5,000 cases and no vaccinations?” ” he added.

“So for me he’s the big game changer. So so do a boost now.

“I already know that Europe is already preparing a potential new dose or a new vaccine for the variants.

“This work is underway with companies. An annual vaccination program could be considered.

“I know the HSE is looking at some sort of stronger independent capacity to turn immunization programs on and off around this issue.”

Mr Martin said the country would improve in managing Covid and emerging variants thanks to antivirals and new treatments.

“This is how I see us facing Covid in the future while allowing our full economy to return,” he added.

“The economy has come back strong since we reopened in March.

“We also need to be careful of this because much of this energy has been captured or removed by the Covid restrictions.

“There is also a level of stimulus in terms of a European wide stimulus program and a lot of inflation has come from it, but nevertheless the manufacturing side of our economy has been very strong and there will be a lot of domestic demand. for a while.

“So we are in a much better position from that point of view than we would have been without the vaccinations.

“You have progress in the field of drugs for 2022. I am more optimistic even if the current situation does not reflect it. “