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BeautyHealth’s Hydrafacial Announces Partnership to Develop Revolutionary Exosome Booster


LONG BEACH, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Beauty Health Company (NASDAQ:SKIN), home to flagship brand Hydrafacial, today announced a collaboration with biotech company Organicell to co-create a first-to-market exosome booster that will treat signs aging and inflammation of the skin. The booster will leverage new exosome technology based on regenerative medical therapies and, when developed, will be available as a custom treatment supplement for Hydrafacial.

“We are excited to begin development with Organicell to co-create a potentially game-changing Hydrafacial booster based on their breakthrough exosome technology,” said Andrew Stanleick, President and CEO of BeautyHealth. “This partnership builds on our range of boosters and is the perfect example of the power of co-creation in our R&D model, which gives us access to the most innovative technologies and formulas and translates them to market according to a accelerated schedule.”

Exosomes are small membrane vesicles, which are among the most productive and conducive to healing wounds and fighting inflammation. These benefits will help treat the skin and fight the signs of aging when delivered as a booster thanks to Hydrafacial’s exceptional delivery system.

Organicell’s technology exosomes contain more than 300 cytokines, chemokines and growth factors harvested under cGMP conditions that will allow Hydrafacial to put billions of exosomes into each booster vial. In the booster, they will promote cell communication, repair and regeneration to treat the signs of aging and inflammation like never before.

Organicell CEO Matt Sinnreich said, “Organicell is honored to pair our scientific team with the formulators of Hydrafacial to help create a booster that not only pioneers new technology, but has the potential to change the facial industry forever.”

This collaboration marks a major step forward in Hydrafacial’s booster strategy, centered on partnerships and co-creation. Today, Hydrafacial offers a range of 20 boosters, the majority co-created with other skincare brands such as Murad, ZO and JLo Beauty.

Hydrafacial’s co-creation model can deliver a boost in less than six months, a fraction of the time typically needed to develop a full skincare line. This allows Hydrafacial to react quickly to consumer trends, ensuring a steady stream of groundbreaking offerings that directly address consumer needs.

Hydrafacial’s new exosome booster will be available early next year.

About Beauty Health Company

The Beauty Health Company is a global category building company focused on delivering health and beauty experiences by reinventing our consumers’ relationship with their skin, body and self-confidence. Our flagship brand, Hydrafacial™, created the hydradermabrasion category using a patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to cleanse, peel, exfoliate, extract, infuse and hydrate skin with proprietary solutions and serums. Hydrafacial™ provides a non-invasive and accessible experience with a powerful community of estheticians, consumers and partners, connecting aesthetics with beauty to democratize and personalize skincare solutions across ages, genders, tones of skin and skin types. Hydrafacial™ is available in over 90 countries with an installed base of nearly 23,000 delivery systems delivering millions of consumer experiences each year. For more information, please visit www.beautyhealth.com.

About Organicell Regenerative Medicines, Inc.

Organicell Regenerative Medicine, Inc. (OTCQB: OCEL) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company primarily focused on the development of innovative biological therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases and the provision of other related services. The Company’s proprietary products are derived from perinatal sources and manufactured to retain naturally occurring exosomes, hyaluronic acid and proteins without the addition or combination of any other substance or diluent. To learn more, please visit https://organicell.com.

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