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Coronavirus Live Updates | 4 passengers from UK and Netherlands tested positive for Covid in Delhi


Booster doses of Covid vaccines, the simplest barrier against Omicron, must be created: Virologist

Booster doses of Covid-19 vaccines are the simplest barrier that must be created immediately against Omicron, according to prominent virologist Dr T Jacob John, who noted that it may not sow the third wave of the pandemic, but breakthrough infections may be common due to the new variant.

Speaking to PTI on Omicron, John, a prominent virologist and former director of ICMR’s Center for Advanced Virology Research, said on Tuesday that the saying here should be “expect the best but prepare for the worst.”

John said the Indian population is well immune from the massive first wave (which lasted for eight months, probably infecting around 30 percent of the population) of the Covid pandemic and the deadliest second wave (which in 12 weeks infected probably some 75 to 80 percent of the rest, plus many re-infections within those numbers).

“In this context, what can happen if the variant penetrates and spreads far is unpredictable. It may not be as bad as people fear. That might not start a third wave. “Population immunity” (commonly known as collective immunity). This means two things: vaccinate the unvaccinated and offer booster doses to all those vaccinated with two doses, ”he said. (PTI)

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