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Curious about keeping illnesses at bay? This expert advice is all you need to know



Today we live in an epidemic of lifestyle diseases. Whether it’s diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, fatty liver disease, thyroid, cholesterol, obesity or even cancer, all of these have skyrocketed in the past 25-30. years. However, the interesting observation is that none of these diseases happen overnight. We don’t wake up one morning with one of these lifestyle diseases. Our unhealthy habits are responsible for these diseases.

Over the past six years of my practice, I have observed that health or illness is just a by-product of our habits. It’s years of people’s habits – a combination of food, inactivity, poor sleep habits, and stress levels – that led them to their current state of health. Epigenetics – a science that teaches us that our genes can change by what we do – explains that anything that enters our body can make our cells healthier or more inflamed. And there are only the following things that can enter our body: food, thought, and emotion. Therefore, we must be aware that every day if we take care of our food and our thoughts, it is an opportunity for us to heal ourselves and become healthier than we were yesterday.

The first step in starting to heal is to stop having the disease. I’m going to share four simple lifestyle changes that can ensure you are healthy.

Replace non-real foods with real foods – There is either food or food-like substances. So cookies, fries, wrapped items, fried foods, and maida are not real food. These are food-like substances that can trigger more inflammation in us and therefore more disease. So if we want to stop causing disease, we have to stop consuming it and start eating real food. Natural plant foods, like fruits and vegetables, contain fiber, antioxidants, living enzymes, and tons of disease-fighting properties.

Spend an hour at the gym to be more active throughout the day – Cultivation of sitting for five to six hours at a stretch creates insulin resistance at the cellular level. And insulin resistance has a vital role in aging, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. A lot of people think that if they work out for an hour a day in the gym, it’s good for them. However, there is a difference between working an hour and sitting all day versus being active all day.

Sleep on time – One of the main factors of poor health is compromised sleep. Quality sleep and on-time sleep are essential to cleanse the system and stop the growth of disease. It is equally important for our cells to clean themselves and remove debris. And the majority of cleaning takes place while we sleep. When people have trouble sleeping, their bodies don’t cleanse themselves as they should, leading to more disease and poor health.

Live in gratitude and happiness all day long – Just like lack of sleep, stress is another major reason for the increase in lifestyle-related illnesses. As humans, we have 70 to 80,000 thoughts in a single day. And every thought has an emotion. We only have two choices. We either live in hormones of stress, fear, anxiety, or love, happiness, and gratitude. And when we live in gratitude our genes express themselves healthier, while in stressful situations our genes express more proteins that will trigger disease.

At the end of the day, what really matters are our habits and the way we live our daily lives. It is a choice we must make.

(The author is a disease reversal expert based in India. He is the founder and CEO of Reverse Factor. To find out more call 8100 550 660 or visit www.reversefactor.in)

Posted on: Saturday, September 25, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST