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Distributors of connected snacks and drinks


Selecta’s fleet of connected machines has enabled the company to achieve great business benefits.

The company is known for being faster, more sustainable and more efficient. By monitoring supply levels in real time, Selecta gains a huge advantage. He knows exactly which machines in a given region need to be replenished and with which products. Before gaining this visibility, Joy Ambassadors traveled a planned route, visiting and checking every machine along the way, whether they needed restocking or not. Additionally, the company often had to maintain a supply closet at the customer site to maintain inventory.

Connected units allow Joy Ambassadors to only have to visit machines in need of maintenance and restocking. It also lets them know which products are the most popular and/or need replacing, so they can bring the right items and quantity with them. This eliminates the need to maintain on-site supply closets, which improves customer satisfaction.

The visibility has enabled Selecta Joy Ambassadors to cut their journeys in half in Switzerland alone, saving time, money and environmental impact.

Machine health is also easy to monitor. Selecta can take care of maintenance needs before the customer realizes there is a problem. Employees are often able to repair machines remotely, resulting in a 30% reduction in technician visits. Selecta can even advise customers on how to repair a machine themselves, speed up time to resolution and maintain happy customers. Remote monitoring also makes it possible to react to changes in the market, adjusting inventory by increasing the quantity of top-selling items and limiting the quantity of bottom-selling products, based on customer preferences.