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Expansion of the nurturGROW offer with a new range of vertical trusses


Light Science Technologies has expanded its nurturGROW lighting product portfolio with the launch of its “slimline” Vertical Farm range, characterized by its sustainable design.

Specifically for use in a closed, climate-controlled growing facility such as a vertical/urban farm, container or research facility, the Vertical Farm range can be used in a variety of multi-layered growing applications. Offering optimum growing space, the range is ideal for growing but not limited to leafy greens, strawberries, microgreens, herbs, violas and other small flowers.

nurturGROW is designed to maximize space in a vertical farm environment with its lower profile and tailored length while providing efficiency up to 2.8 umol, which helps reduce energy requirements and reduce operating costs without compromising performance. It has also been designed to provide the best possible uniformity to ensure even growth on all grow trays. At the same time, its IP67 rating ensures better protection against the harmful effects of dirt and moisture. Additionally, by connecting eight fixtures per driver, growers can control light intensity remotely and connect directly to their control system.

Providing up to nine independent light spectra, growers can choose the right grow recipe, including UVC, to give the flexibility of a bespoke option to create the perfect light spectrum for crops throughout the full grow cycle cultures.

Simon Deacon, CEO and Founder of Light Science Technologies, said, “At a time of soaring energy prices, indoor farmers are under increasing pressure to find more energy-efficient ways to grow their crops to reduce long-term costs. nurturGROW is a solution that builds on a 25-year product lifecycle, ensuring growers maximize the use of every element over a longer lifespan to generate maximum yields and save them a third on future costs.

“We have created a sustainable and scalable design so that 90% of the product is recyclable and 85% is reusable, allowing for simple component upgrades, cost effectively and without downtime, making nurturGROW easy to maintain. It also means that growers can benefit from new technology and more efficient LEDs, which can be added as they are developed, instead of having to buy new lighting from scratch, which is an additional expense. What indoor growers are also looking for is durability and reliability while optimizing crop performance, which is exactly what nurturGROW delivers. There is also the element of durability; this does not only apply to indoor farming methods, but must also cover products, which is why nurturGROW significantly reduces landfill waste and reduces carbon footprint by minimizing the number of materials used.

“Our new range of vertical farms allows more growers in the market to enjoy the benefits of nurturGROW, whether in a vertical or urban farm or in a research center where space may be more limited. In short, it helps them grow more with less.

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