Home research company GlobalFoundries Reaches Agreement with Motorola and Announces Launch of Two New Developer Programs

GlobalFoundries Reaches Agreement with Motorola and Announces Launch of Two New Developer Programs


MALTA – GlobalFoundries (NASDAQ: GFS) strikes deals and launches new programs focused on developing next-generation technologies and securing customers.

The semiconductor maker made several announcements detailing the company’s improvements on Thursday, including an agreement with Motorola Solutions and two innovative projects.

The GlobalFoundries deal would provide Motorola with a long-term supply of chips for its two-way radios, which are widely used by public safety agencies and commercial organizations.

A spokesperson for GlobalFoundries declined to disclose financial information surrounding the deal in addition to how many chips Motorola would get over what time period.

News of GlobalFoundries’ latest supply deal comes as the company unveiled GF Labs, a business dedicated to advancing a variety of semiconductor technologies, and GF Connex, a portfolio designed to deliver “products connected wirelessly”.

GlobalFoundries said GF Labs will create an open framework for research initiatives that prepare a multi-faceted pipeline of market-driven technologies, some of which — such as radiofrequency silicon on insulators and silicon-germanium — are already underway. Company executives said the branch would “harness the capabilities” of a large-scale research base spanning organizations such as the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Fraunhofer in Germany and more.

“Our goal is to ensure that we are always developing the latest technologies that deliver meaningful differentiation to our customers, not just in the near term, but over the next decade,” said Gregg Bartlett, senior vice president of technology. at GlobalFoundries, engineering and quality, said in a press release. “The launch of GF Labs accelerates our pursuit of the innovation needed to develop and deliver powerful technological advancements to our customers.”

GF Labs will tackle the research behind GlobalFoundries’ developments while GF Connex will work to bring wireless products born of the company’s collaborations to market. Some items are already available, but the semiconductor giant is looking to do more as customer demand for these solutions has grown 47% over the past two years, according to the press release.

GlobalFoundries has shipped nearly 100 billion chips to date and GF Connex has “strong market momentum,” the company noted.

With Connex enhancements, GlobalFoundries customers will be able to design cellular systems that will keep smartphones connected longer on a single charge and create more reliable connections for satellite communications. Other applications will provide greater energy efficiency.

GlobalFoundries executives believe these advances are critical to the future of semiconductor technology and to powering emerging markets.