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Guide: How to beat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb


Leshy is one of the four powerful bishops you will face in Worship of the Lamb. This means they are tougher than the common enemy. Try not to get distracted by his disgusting mouth and follow our tips to defeat Leshy in the game.

How to defeat Leshy in Cult of the Lamb

Leshy is an amalgamation of bosses from the last four levels but on a monstrous level. We’ll walk you through how to avoid every move at his disposal.

The first is a circle of huge spikes that cover the entire arena. You will want to be patient with this. Wait for the spikes to separate as you run towards the edge of the arena. Now once there is a gap, roll towards Leshy but not too close where you take damage. The green plumes from the ground will look scary, but you can pass them without a problem.

Another one of his attacks is when he unleashes a ton of poisonous projectiles towards your lamb. When this happens, you will see red crosses on the ground. Avoid them by dodging to the other side of the arena.

While all the chaos is happening, try to take out the minor enemies around you. You don’t want to accidentally dodge them and take unnecessary damage.

The best time to attack Leshy is when he is charging for an attack. He will tilt his head forward for a few seconds. Strike during these crucial moments, then dodge to avoid projectiles coming your way.

Towards the end of the fight, Leshy will start banging her head on the ground around her. Make sure to keep your distance and get into your damage range once he’s finished banging his head and jumping out of the burrow he creates. By the way, do not come into contact with Leshy while he is underground, because his thorns will hurt you. Honestly, the best option is to use ranged attacks if you’re storing energy for them.

Leshy is a more powerful version of Valefar and Barbatos, but if you can manage the timing of your dodges and find the most optimal moment to attack, you’ll succeed against the first fool that gets in your way.

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Cult of the Lamb is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.