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GuildOne Inc. Achieves Pioneer Status with Blockchain Research Institute


Canadian blockchain company GuildOne has been named Blockchain Pioneer by the world’s leading blockchain industry research and strategy organization.

CALGARY, Alberta, December 7, 2021– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – GuildOne Inc. (GuildOne) is honored to announce that the company has been accepted as a blockchain pioneer by the prestigious Blockchain Research Institute (BRI).

Founded by disruptive technology experts and early blockchain innovators Don and Alex Tapscott, the Toronto-based think tank brings together global experts in developing a strategic vision for blockchain’s role in digital transformation.

“Blockchain is opening up new avenues for sustainable businesses, providing business leaders with powerful tools to track and mitigate our carbon impacts,” said Don Tapscott, executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute. “At the Blockchain Research Institute, we’re excited to partner with innovative companies like GuildOne, which are leading the way in a low-carbon blockchain-based economy. “

As a blockchain pioneer, GuildOne joins members such as Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte, NASDAQ and many other forward-looking companies in various industries. Through pioneer status, GuildOne will gain access to BRI’s ecosystem and a valuable database of over 100 blockchain research projects and collaborate with BRI on original research from ESG1, the sustainability division of GuildOne.

Scheduled for release in Q2 2022, the white paper will focus on ESG1’s experience in using public and private blockchain networks to build an automated low-carbon economy, by mapping carbon credit tokens. verified of the project since their genesis in an industrial carbon sequestration installation with two market paths: private transactions as offsets and as a listed green investment product.

The paper will provide industry and government with an in-depth understanding of the practical applications of blockchain and tokenization for financing sustainable projects, carbon accounting, and as a basis for climate-focused investments.

“We are honored to be a pioneer and a member of the BIS – the success of blockchain relies on the strength of its ecosystems. We see the BRI as a powerful and visionary community that will help accelerate our progress towards the low carbon digital economy platform, “said James Graham, CEO of GuildOne.

About GuildOne Inc.

GuildOne leverages the power of advanced blockchain infrastructure and applications to create innovative digital assets and ESG solutions. By working with industry and technology partners, including R3 and AWS, the company’s pioneering smart contract technologies and secure networks are transforming the way businesses process, share data and create value. By combining product intelligence with blockchain traceability and digital assets, GuildOne is developing the automated foundation for the next generation of verified ESG assets.

About the Blockchain Research Institute

The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) is an independent global think tank dedicated to inspiring and preparing leaders in the private and public sectors to be the catalysts of blockchain transformation. Funded by international corporations and government agencies, the BIS brings together the world’s leading thinkers to undertake groundbreaking research into the strategic implications of blockchain technology, producing practical information to help its member organizations succeed.


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