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Hologram Unveils Improved IoT Dashboard Analytics for Fleet Management


Hologram, a global cellular platform for Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity, unveiled its enhanced IoT dashboard analytics, the first in the industry to provide teams with both at-a-glance views of fleet health data and device usage and tools to take real-time action.

In industries from transportation and logistics to healthcare and agriculture, businesses have quickly adopted IoT technology, but lack the transparency and control to proactively manage costs, time and Shutdown and Security Issues. Now, with the addition of dashboard analytics on the homepage, fleet managers have a quick and easy way to keep tabs on their fleets and take action.

While Hologram provides Global IoT SIM cards that allow IoT devices to securely access a transparent global cellular network through its Hologram Hyper platform, the Hologram IoT Dashboard provides the information needed to manage IoT fleets.

The new dashboard homepage offers a clear and intuitive 360° visualization of IoT operations, serving as an instant check on the status of the fleet. Automatically generated alerts and usage trend information allow fleet managers and non-technical users to find cost savings and catch device anomalies before they become issues, causing downtime and disturbances.

In addition to device health and location information metrics, fleet managers have the ability to reduce expenses and manage total cost of ownership, right from the dashboard home page. Beyond the home page, the Hologram IoT dashboard gives users unique levels of control, including tools to change data limits or even change device-level connectivity plans, whether managing ten or ten thousand devices.are.

Mike Georgoff, Product Manager for Hologram
Not all providers show customers where they are spending too much on connectivity. By setting new standards of transparency and control, Hologram drives the industry forward and helps customers direct the same resources to launching new, larger IoT fleets. And this is just the first phase of our investment and commitment to creating the best analytics to optimize IoT device performance on multiple fronts – cost, availability, fraud mitigation.