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How to Get the Impact Hand Cannon Finished (and God Roll)


Finite Impactor is easy to acquire. The first stage of Iron-Handed Diplomacy guarantees each player at least one Finite Impactor Hand Cannon.

Destiny 2: Splicer season has brought many new weapons for players to test their skills in the Crucible, but Iron Banner’s weapons are unique to his arsenal. Iron Banner is run by Lord Saladin, and it’s a game mode in Crucible that only exists for one week per month. Unlike normal Crucible matches, Iron Banner relies on a player’s light level to determine their raw effectiveness in combat. The lower the player’s light level, the more difficult they will have to face difficult opponents who have been fighting for some time.

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Iron Banner has plenty of rewards for players to earn, including armor and weapons that are only available through Iron Banner Tokens. Iron Banner Tokens can be earned by winning matches, a little less by losing, or by completing the bounties available for purchase from Lord Saladin. While Lord Saladin also offers a six-step quest to complete, Iron Banner tokens are not available here. However, it does allow players to unlock certain Iron Banner weapons, like the Finished Impact Hand Cannon, through progression.

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Destiny 2: How to Get the Impact Hand Cannon Finished (and God Roll)

Just like the Destiny 2 Riiswalker Shotgun, players have a guaranteed way to earn the Finished Impactor through Iron-Handed Diplomacy – the quest available from Lord Saladin. Finite Impactor is a 140 RPM hand cannon that can be equipped in a player’s energy weapon slot. This is an adaptive frame hand cannon, which means its well-balanced grip (maneuverability, stability, and reload stats) generally makes it easier to control. Its impact is 84, which puts it on par with the damage of exotic 140 RPM hand cannons like Thorn and Ace of Spades – and even above Hawkmoon.

There are a lot of perks available for Finite Impactor, but these are the optimal perks that are worth taking advantage of:

Legendary view

  • Truesight HCS (PvE)
  • Sureshot HCS (PvP)

Legendary Magazine

  • High caliber rounds (PvP / PvE)
  • Richochet Towers (PvP / PvE)
  • Piercing Rounds (Pve)
  • Mag added (PvP)

Legendary Trait 1

Legendary Trait 2

  • One for all (PvE)
  • Iron Scope (PvP)
  • Clip Multikill (PvP

Finite Impactor, fortunately, is easy to acquire. Completing the first stage of Iron Hand Diplomacy grants each player at least one finished Impact Hand Cannon. To do this, players will need to capture 10 areas, get 10 Arc or Void ability final hits, and defeat 30 Guardians, all in Iron Banner. This method does not guarantee a Destiny 2 God Roll Finite Impactor. For this, players will need to continually search for Iron Banner tokens and cash them while talking to Lord Saladin. The good news is that four wins will provide enough Iron Banner tokens to hit the minimum tokens to redeem for a reward, and Iron Banner will return once more before the splicer season ends.

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Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and Google Stadia platforms.

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