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IsoPlexis presents an integrated platform of single-cell functional multi-omics biology


BRANFORD, Connecticut., September 8, 2021 / PRNewswire / – IsoPlexis, a Leader in Single-Cell Proteomics, to Present First Proof of Concept Data for Its New Functional Proteomics + Transcriptomics Platform, Duomic, at Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) – Precision Health conference on Coronado Island. IsoPlexis has demonstrated its ability to simultaneously measure the expression levels of functional proteins and genes in the same cell, with the aim of identifying which genes and gene pathways have a downstream impact on protein heterogeneity in these cells.

IsoPlexis’ proprietary functional proteomics platform uses both multiplexed proteomics and single-cell biology to characterize and fully link cell function to patient outcomes, response to treatment, or disease progression, identifying the highly functional “superhero” cells orchestrating the response. Now, with Duomic, IsoPlexis can reveal for the first time the gene networks associated with these superhero cells.

Based on IsoPlexis’ proprietary proteomic bar coding platform, Duomic enables researchers to better understand cellular behavior by simultaneously capturing predictive functional proteome and transcriptome data from the same cell. Duomic uses the transparent, hands-off workflow and automated analysis of IsoPlexis instrumentation and delivers actionable multi-omics data to accelerate lane discoveries while linking them to real time, in vivo proteomic activity.

At AGBT, Patrick paczkowski, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Software and Rui zheng, Ph. D, Senior Vice President of Innovation, will highlight the results of recent IsoPlexis proof of concept experiments in which Duomic simultaneously measured protein and gene expression from individual melanoma cells . Duomic identified distinct populations of cells that could be separated based on functional heterogeneity, and identified gene expression profiles and regulatory networks driving this proteomic activity. IsoPlexis believes that the combined data provided by Duomic will be able to provide information on the link between functional heterogeneity and the genetic factors of protein activity in individual cells. Additionally, IsoPlexis collaborated with Virtualitics, an AI-based 3D data visualization platform to gain insight between these genetic and proteomic connections at the single cell level.

“The ability to detect the functional proteome and genetic drivers of these proteins from each cell will allow greater precision in connecting the mechanisms and outcomes of therapies and diseases. We believe this connection is essential to accelerate the discovery of advanced drugs, ”said Sean mackay, CEO and co-founder of IsoPlexis.

Dr Paczkowski and Dr Zheng will present the first results at the AGBT meeting on Friday, September 10e To 5:00 p.m. PST. Their presentation is titled “Duomic: A Platform for Highly Multiplexed, Simultaneous Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Functional Proteomics to Transform Biology”.


IsoPlexis is a life science technology company that develops solutions to accelerate the development of curative drugs and personalized therapies. Our award-winning single-cell proteomics systems reveal unique biological activity in small subsets of cells, allowing researchers to connect more directly to biology in vivo and develop more precise and personalized therapies. Our integrated systems, named top innovation or design by Scientist Magazine, Fierce, BIG Innovation, Red Dot and many others, are used globally to advance the field of single-cell biology to new “omics possibilities, as our clients generate solutions to overcome the challenges of complex diseases and therapies. Our products have been adopted by researchers around the world, including the world’s 15 largest pharmaceutical companies by revenue and by nearly half of the full cancer centers in the United States. http://www.isoplexis.com to learn more.

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