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Italian companies collaborate to research strawberry varieties


“Without innovation, the agricultural world is doomed. If done correctly and with the utmost professionalism, innovation can revive our sector, which is in great distress due to the many climate and trade challenges”, said said Loris Gentile, former commercial director. of Planasa Italia and founder of the Gentile Group, a cooperative based in Policoro, southern Italy, specializing in the production and sale of strawberries and berries.

“We care a lot about research and innovation. That’s why we started Fruplant Lab Italia®, a project that brings together all the research programs from around the world, tests them in the field, and then sells the most most interesting and most efficient.This project brings together companies, incubators and end customers (producers)”.

Loris Gentile

“We will start by researching strawberry varieties. Later we will also include other fruit species. Fruplant will work in transparency and will also offer customers access to an exhibition area equipped with experimental sites to assess the strengths and weaknesses of each. variety.

“This will be followed by bi-monthly meetings and conferences, useful for taking stock with farmers and experts in the field – provided that the pandemic emergency allows us to do so. There will also be trips abroad to cooperatives and companies. to experience the innovation and get feedback from those who have already invested in the new crop. Once the research is complete, the best varieties will be selected and evaluated according to their potential impact on the market. the most interesting will be included in the Fruplant Project”.

Experimental fields – New strawberry varieties

“We will provide a turnkey project to all companies/multinationals interested in the Italian market, starting from southern Italy”.

“We do not want farmers to pay, at their own expense, for possible failures in the field of development. If the innovation is not supported by technical data and expertise, it could be lost, thus rendering useless the work carried out by the breeders, researchers and companies who have invested in genetic improvement projects for years. . »

“Lately, agriculture has been undergoing rapid change. We cannot keep up with varietal innovation, which is already changing market trends. Efforts must therefore be concentrated on bringing together agronomic skills, commercial know-how and marketing, while believing in long-term projects.”

“At Fruplant Lab Italia we will be in charge of patented varieties and club varieties to avoid the illegal multiplication of nursery plants and we will be a point of reference for local licenses. By the end of January we will select projects that interest us and in which we believe, also taking into account new species that are not yet widely distributed in the Mediterranean region.”

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