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MaxOne acquires Own It Coaching


“The future of human performance is digital,” says Jason Méjeur, founder and CEO of MaxOne. “We have enough data at our fingertips to transform the world. The problem is, most people don’t know how to turn data into actionable information that drives behavior change. By integrating Own It’s proprietary coaching philosophies into MaxOne, we are now able to empower every human being to have control over their own health and performance. ”

Combining data from wearable devices such as the Whoop Band or the Oura Ring, with Own It’s performance enhancement programs in MaxOne’s DCP, will be a game-changer for aspiring and elite athletes. Already integrated into the Oura ring and in anticipation of an agreement and integration with Whoop data, each athlete will get personalized training and coaching plans based on their actual sleep, effort and recovery.

Now, Own It can scale its exclusive coaching processes beyond its current 500 private clients and make these transformation processes available to the whole world.

“Health and performance cannot be mass produced,” says Justin roethlingshoefer, founder of Own It. “Too much information takes responsibility away, and that’s the world we live in. Our goal has always been to make people feel empowered to take a holistic approach to their health and performance. This three-part partnership between MaxOne, Own It and the wearable brands create a tipping point where people can fall in love with this process.As data is fetched from the Whoop group or the Oura ring, worn 24/7 24/7, this data is integrated into a person’s daily habits in real time. ”

MaxOne will immediately be able to provide this to its 650,000 users in the youth sports market. While also expanding this new offer to fitness areas for adults and corporate well-being.

“From the early days of MaxOne, I have always been passionate about the holistic performance of athletes in order to guide the optimal athlete training regimen,” says Mejeur, “With this partnership we are able to help not only young athletes to build habits, but we can bring it to the whole world. ”

In the midst of their ascent in 2020, MaxOne also signed partnerships with NBC Sports Company, SportsEngine, CoachUp and Upward Sports. More recently they added Chris Paul’s CP3 Academies, Aces Nation, Basketball Training Systems, DNA Soccer Labs and others.

About MaxOne
MaxOne’s Digital Coaching Platform (‘DCP’) enables athletes, coaches, club administrators and parents to have a digital solution to train, connect and grow together, wherever you are. Complementing and enhancing in-person coaching, MaxOne’s DCP offers cutting-edge training tools creating the most sophisticated and engaging digital on-demand training experience available. Programs use the MaxOne DCP to be relevant to the daily lives of athletes 24/7, ensuring that training and mentoring efforts not only lead to improved performance on the pitch play, but help inspire young adults to be Champions for life.

About Owning
OWN IT is a coaching company founded on the application of complex biometric data and information to transform both mind and body. Specially focused on entrepreneurs, management teams and professional athletes to streamline and simplify the process for sustained performance. OWN IT’s holistic approach to performance that has captured the attention of top performing artists internationally. From weight loss to muscle gain, energy optimization, improved immunity and sustained longevity; OWN IT is the last step in the process that works.

Grand Rapids, MI
For more information visit maxone.ai


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