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Mesoblast Appoints Dr. Eric Rose as Chief Medical Officer


NEW YORK, 01 Feb. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mesoblast Limited (Nasdaq:MESO ASX:MSB), the world leader in allogeneic cellular medicines for inflammatory diseases, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Eric Rose as the company’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Rose has served as Non-Executive Director of Mesoblast since 2013. In his new role as a key executive, Dr. Rose brings to Mesoblast an extensive record of excellence in clinical development and successful interactions at the highest levels with key regulatory bodies. , industry, and government stakeholders including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

Dr. Rose is a highly respected medical scientist who focuses on clinical research, drug discovery, biodefense and health policy. A world-renowned heart surgeon and scientist, Dr. Rose led Columbia’s Presbyterian Heart Transplant Program from 1982 to 1992 and made history in 1984 when he performed the first successful pediatric heart transplant. From 1994 to 2007, he was chairman of the department of surgery at Columbia University and chief surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York. During this time, his leadership of the NIH-supported Randomized Evaluation of Mechanical Circulatory Support in Heart Failure (REMATCH) program resulted in the first FDA approval of an implantable left ventricular assist device for long-term circulatory support. , spawning a whole new industry. Dr. Rose continues to serve as a non-executive director of the leading implantable cardiovascular device company, ABIOMED.

From 2007 to 2011, Dr. Rose served on the National Biodefense Science Board which advises the US Secretary of Health and Human Services on biodefense, influenza and emerging diseases. In 2007, he was named Chairman and CEO of SIGA Technologies where he oversaw the development of the first US-approved antipoxviral drug, TPOXX for the treatment of smallpox. Dr. Rose played a key role in getting the drug approved by the FDA in 2019, and he was responsible for securing contracts with BARDA under which the US government bought 1.7 million courses of TPOXX for more than US$1 billion in Strategic National Stock (SNS).

Dr. Rose said, “I really look forward to being an integral part of Mesoblast’s leadership team at such a crucial time in the company’s history. Having seen first hand at board level the enormous potential of our technology to achieve remarkable clinical results in the most refractory inflammatory conditions, I feel privileged to be able to contribute in a more comprehensive way to help guide our therapies. through the final but crucial stages of regulatory approval and commercialization.

Mesoblast Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Silviu Itescu, thanked outgoing Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Fred Grossman, for his significant contributions, particularly regarding the regulatory progress of remestemcel-L in children with acute graft disease against steroid-refractory host (SR-aGVHD) and its role in pivoting society to acute respiratory distress syndrome COVID-19. Dr. Grossman will continue to provide support to the Society in an ongoing advisory role.

Dr Itescu said, “We are delighted to have Dr Rose stepping into the critical position of Chief Marketing Officer of Mesoblast at such an important time in the company’s development. He is a world renowned physician with extensive marketing experience and a proven track record in successfully navigating products through the FDA in addition to his extensive network across government, regulatory agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

About the mesoblast
Mesoblast is a world leader in the development of allogeneic (ready-to-use) cellular drugs for the treatment of serious and life-threatening inflammatory diseases. The Company has leveraged its proprietary mesenchymal lineage cell therapy technology platform to establish a broad portfolio of late-stage product candidates that respond to severe inflammation by releasing anti-inflammatory factors that counteract and modulate multiple effector arms of the immune system, leading to a significant reduction in the damaging inflammatory process.

Mesoblast has a strong and extensive global intellectual property portfolio with protection extending to at least 2041 in all major markets. The company’s proprietary manufacturing processes produce industrial-scale, cryopreserved, ready-to-use cellular drugs. These cell therapies, with defined pharmaceutical release criteria, should be readily available to patients worldwide.

Mesoblast is developing product candidates for distinct indications based on its remestemcel-L and rexlemestrocel-L stromal cell technology platforms. Remestemcel-L is being developed for inflammatory diseases in children and adults, including steroid-refractory acute graft-versus-host disease and moderate to severe acute respiratory distress syndrome. Rexlemestrocel-L is being developed for advanced chronic heart failure and chronic low back pain. Two products have been commercialized in Japan and Europe by Mesoblast licensees, and the Company has established commercial partnerships in Europe and China for certain Phase 3 assets.

Mesoblast has offices in Australia, the United States and Singapore and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (MSB) and Nasdaq (MESO). For more information, please visit www.mesoblast.com, LinkedIn: Mesoblast Limited and Twitter: @Mesoblast

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