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Midnight Ghost Hunting Beginner Tips


Midnight Ghost Hunt is a scary and thrilling multiplayer game with a strong emphasis on hide and seek gameplay. In Midnight Ghost Hunt, players take on the role of a Ghost Hunter or Ghost. Each team, Ghost Hunters or Ghosts, must work together to sabotage and defeat the other team. Set in remarkably haunted and beautifully macabre locations, Midnight Ghost Hunt is sure to keep gamers on the edge of their seat.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is an early access PC game and can be picked up immediately. The game feels like a good mix of asymmetrical multiplayer horror, first-person shooter gameplay, and strategic teamwork where communication seems essential to survival no matter which team the players end up on. For those who discover Midnight Ghost HuntHere are some great tips to help get budding ghosts or ghost hunters started.

8 Yes, tutorials are very important

use an energy meter at the ghost ship when hunting midnight ghosts

Midnight Ghost Hunt isn’t a particularly complicated game but it does have a lot of moving parts to figure out before diving into online matches. Simply put, yes, the tutorials should be finished right away. Not only are the tutorials for ghost hunting and haunting helpful, but they also give players time to get used to the different abilities.

After completing the Ghostbuster and Ghostbuster tutorials, each taking only about five minutes, paranormal enthusiasts can play through two tutorial areas, a Ghostbuster Garage and a Ghost Graveyard. Each area allows players to train with abilities and items.


7 Mouse and keyboard or controller

using sound meter near knight in midnight ghost hunt

Given that Midnight Ghost Hunt is currently only an early access game on PC, many players may be wondering if you can enjoy the game with various control inputs. Fortunately, the answer is a resounding yes. Even in Early Access, the developers of Midnight Ghost Hunt, Vaulted Sky Gamesgave everyone the option of using a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.

No matter which input method players use, it will always provide a full gaming experience. Hotkeys and button inputs for a controller and automatic configuration create a hassle-free experience from the start.

6 Become familiar with each role

a ghostly red gargoyle in the midnight ghost hunt

As mentioned before, Midnight Ghost Hunt the players take on two distinct roles in four games against four. Once the quick match option is selected or after choosing a game from a list of servers, players are automatically placed into teams of Ghostbusters or Ghostbusters with a new game usually swapping roles to give everyone a chance to live the experience.

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To sum it up, Ghostbusters must do everything they can within the first five minutes of the game to defeat each of the Ghosts. The ghosts, on the other hand, simply have to survive until the clock strikes midnight. The simplicity of Midnight Ghost Hunt belies a truly staggering level of complexity once gamers spend enough time in various games.

5 Things change at midnight, the ghostly hour

a scary red midnight ghost in the mansion in midnight ghost hunt

When the clock strikes midnight, the ghostly hour, the game turns completely upside down. The ghosts, usually the hunted ones, now become the hunters. After five minutes of the match, Ghosts now turn a spooky ethereal red and can deal massive damage to Ghostbusters while using the environment with better results than the first half of the match. If a ghost is destroyed or sucked in early, as long as a ghost survived, all come back from the grave to fight another night.

Now it’s the Ghostbusters’ turn to survive. This will usually be done through teamwork and finding ways to foil or sabotage the ghosts’ plans. Ghostbusters still have their weapons and abilities, however, they are now much less effective against the vengeful Ghost Hour specters.

4 Hunter’s workbench

use grim reaper weapon on ghost in midnight ghost hunt

Ghostbusters will want to spend plenty of time before the match picking out a starting loadout. Ghostbusters loadouts are divided into weapons, abilities, and perks. The default starting weapon for Ghostbusters is the Spectral Cannon, a weapon that fires large balls of energy to damage ghosts. Of course, the game also offers a multitude of other unlockable weapons such as the Salt Shotgun or the Reaper.

Besides weapons, ghost hunters can also use various tools of the trade that help them find hidden ghosts. Things like energy meters and vacuum cleaners can help turn the tide for hunters. At any time during a match, Ghostbusters can go to their team’s Workbench to swap gear on the fly.

3 The ghost shrine

blue ghost fighting ghost hunter in attic on midnight ghost hunt

Likewise, ghosts also have their own “refuge” in the form of the Ghost Shrine. Each match gives ghosts a sanctuary they can return to in order to trade ghost abilities, hauntings, and perks. Much like Ghostbusters, swapping Abilities and Hauntings will be an optimal strategy in order to balance out a team of Ghosts in any given match.

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Interestingly, ghosts have a category called Haunts, something that isn’t explicitly explained in the ghost tutorials. Hauntings are useful abilities that can be used once a ghost is defeated during a match. In this spectator portion of the game, ghosts can use lairs such as Cold Chill or Poltergeist in order to confuse hunters.

2 Understanding Fragments

use the ghost hunter clusterel on a ghost in the mansion in the midnight ghost hunt

Midnight Ghost Hunt has a form of in-game currency known as Shards. These blue ethereal shards can be used for many different things. First and foremost, Shards are used to purchase new weapons, abilities, haunts, and perks for Hunters and Ghosts respectively.

These items can be purchased from the main menu or during a match at the Ghostbuster’s Workbench or Ghost Shrine. Shards can also be used to unlock a host of customization items. Things like outfits, ghost skins, emotes, and taunts can all be purchased with in-game shard currency. You earn new shards just by playing the game, gaining experience, and leveling up.

1 Hiding in plain sight

ghost hunters fighting a ghost hiding in a chair at midnight ghost hunting

One last thing to remember when hoping in this game, especially for ghosts, is that almost any item strewn across any of the many stages can be used to possess. The name of the game for ghosts during the pre-midnight portion of the match boils down to a hide-and-seek scenario. Ghosts can jump between objects freely and can even throw objects they possess.

However, ghosts also build an ectoplasm meter. The longer a ghost stays still, the faster the ectoplasm meter accumulates. Once enough ectoplasm has accumulated, a residue remains that makes it easier for ghost hunters to find. To avoid this, just stay mobile and active like a ghost, jump between objects and use your abilities to stay away from hunters.

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