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New Bedford residents urged to donate blood



The Massachusetts American Red Cross says there is an urgent need for all types of blood in Massachusetts. They are asking residents of the New Bedford area to help meet the challenge and donate blood.

The Red Cross is responsible for 40 percent of all blood drives in the country, but last year, and to some extent this year, these blood donors are staying at home.

Red Cross Director of Communications Kelly Isenor said this week on Town square sunday that there is always a drop in blood donation during the summer, but this year there is a new twist: there has been an increase in the demand for blood.

People who postponed surgery last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now seeking this procedure in 2021, causing an unusually high demand for blood. Isenor explained how easy it is to find a blood donor clinic near you by visiting redcross.org.

She also praised the efforts of Red Cross volunteers, whom she called “the lifeblood” of the organization.

You can listen to her interview here:

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