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Now “immunity booster bouquets” to tackle Omicron!


The series of “Immunity Booster” bouquets flooded the Tirupati market, with ingredients such as tender coconuts, watermelon, citrus fruits, dried fruits and nuts.

When the emergence of the Omicron variant at the end of 2021 calls into question the very objective of vaccination against Covid-19, the importance of developing strong immunity comes to the fore.

Emphasizing this aspect while ushering in the New Year with open hands, the series of “Immunity Booster” bouquets flooded the Tirupati market, with tender coconuts, watermelon, citrus fruits as ingredients. , dried fruits and nuts. Out of all these, tender coconut seems to be the “trendy thing” for the season, which is selling like hot cakes.

“Presenting coconut to guests is an age-old Indian custom, which has faded in recent times as many believe it is not modern. That’s why we have combined this traditional element into the modern culture of presenting bouquets, ”says CBV Saikumar Reddy of Blue Petals, a leading florist who came up with the new idea. Tender coconut contains potassium, manganese, copper, selenium and magnesium. Likewise, watermelon contains potassium, copper, vitamins B5 and A, apart from vitamin C. The selling price of coconut bunches is 300, while fruit baskets are available from 150. The idea caught up with the locals and the concept is going viral on social networks.

Focus on fluid intake

Besides the Omicron variant, the onset of seasonal flu also acted as a catalyst. “The prevalence of dengue and other viral fevers after the devastating floods in Tirupati and its surroundings underscores the importance of water intake, which prompted us to give tender coconuts wrapped in a gift”, Saikumar said, adding that this series of “immunity boosters” was being launched in consultation with doctors and nutrition experts.