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One week work in the greenhouse without recharging


The bright red color and sturdy frame have remained the same, but other than that the Horti Scissor Lift 3.5 (HSL 3.5), developed by FPHU Maryniaczyk, is entirely different from the very popular Hortitech greenhouse trolley series. “It’s not a facelift. It’s like a new car model: a whole new product,” Krzysztof Korzeniewski shares with FPHU.

The product premiere took place at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (April 5-7, 2022), where the team has already explained how the unit is very quiet and energy efficient. “It requires minimal user handling during the season and is stable and safe.”

Krzysztof shows how the undercarriage of the HSL 3.5 trolley has been designed in such a way as to ensure safety and working comfort when moving over the greenhouse heating pipes, as well as high stability when working at height. In addition, the scissor system has been completely redesigned. “A different position of the actuator and its mounting is intended to reduce energy consumption by selecting its most optimal position when lifting and lowering the platform.”

New design of control panels.
The lower control panel was placed in a closed pocket. The top panel is equipped with a three-color LED lamp informing the user of the status of the device.

The new greenhouse trolley is also equipped with new software that meets the requirements of the EN 280 standard and all this, thanks to the use of new BLDC drivers and motors. “By using BLDC motors, we achieve reduced power consumption, which allows the device to operate for a week in a greenhouse without the need to recharge it,” says Krzysztof.

“The product has also been designed to reduce the need for service and maintenance during the season. HSL has no chain systems, so customer service related to periodic lubrication is minimal. BLDC motors also do not have brushes, so their maintenance is not necessary.”

Gradually develop
The HSL 3.5 is an example of how the company FPHU Maryniaczyk is gradually developing. “We are constantly expanding our machine park and employing more and more specialists, which affects the design of our devices and allows us to work with new, innovative projects. Soon in our offer you will find a complete automatic transport system that supports individual processes including harvesting, sorting and packing onto pallets,” reveals Krzysztof. “Due to the continuous development of our business, in the future there will be other interesting products on which we are working on or that we have already planned.”

The new solution will be showcased at GreenTech Amsterdam, where FPHU Maryniaczyk will be on display at booth #02.524. GreenTech Amsterdam will take place June 14-16 at the Rai Exhibition Center Amsterdam. Click here to register.

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