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Our collective immunity prompts tourists to travel here


Sedfrey M. Linsangan

Our focus is on marketing Guam as a safe travel destination. The dissemination of facts about the 91,000 inhabitants of Guam, or nearly 65% ​​who are vaccinated, will lead to herd immunity during the next month of July.

It would restore peace of mind to tourists traveling here.

People don’t travel to save money or get incentives because most of them have money to spend.

Now, to attract more tourists, we should not quarantine them if they have proof that they are vaccinated regardless of the brand of vaccine or show a negative PCR test three days before their arrival.

Their children should be allowed to visit without preconditions as they have a strong immune system against COVID.

Our shield here is our high percentage of residents who are fully immunized.

The incentive money can be used to help Guam residents, businesses, repair, maintain and clean up the island.

Hotels offering good deals and other establishments to attract tourists with the help of funding from the Emergency Plan.

After:Airport: More flights to Guam from July

After:Hotels now reserve “Air V&V” packages for citizens and foreign visitors

Vaccines for expatriates or tourists are already underway. But the costs must be reasonable, otherwise we end up losing money or it will not be successful.

We don’t want to attract a lot of tourists, but in the end we lost or didn’t get any income because we offered too many incentives.

All expenses must be declared, published and verified to ensure accountability and transparency.

Bottom line – quarantine, restrictions, delayed processing at the airport will prevent tourists from visiting our island. Yes, steps can be taken to protect our people while creating jobs and improving our economy.

Sedfrey M. Linsangan is a resident of Dededo