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PHI, SAS, QIAGEN and BioSpherix Form Alliance to Advance Cellular Biomanufacturing


In association with the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI)BioSpherix, leader in SAS analysis and QIAGEN have created a technology development alliance to create the AI-based process control tools needed for automated biomanufacturing – enabling cell therapies to be cost-effectively manufactured with superior efficiency and safety.

By repairing or replacing dysfunctional cells, tissues and organs, regenerative therapies promise to treat injuries and diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and cardiovascular disorders that are today incurable today. In particular, cell therapies have proven to be very effective in treating blood cancer patients. Additionally, recent clinical studies indicate that these therapies may also be effective against solid tumors.

The very complex manufacture of cell therapies nevertheless remains problematic despite their clinical success. The alliance aims to automate the process of manufacturing cell therapies using recent technological developments in cell culture, analytical instrumentation and artificial intelligence.

Cell therapies today are meticulously grown and handcrafted in an open lab environment, making it difficult to scale up manufacturing, much like the automotive industry before the assembly line was invented. .

BioSpherix has been building cytocentric cell culture equipment since 1983. It will provide a sealed, sterile, and cell-friendly environment for the alliance where cells are grown at controlled temperature, oxygen, and CO2 levels without human contact.

SAS will provide the AI ​​expertise and software infrastructure to automatically analyze the wealth of data collected by the QIAGEN and PHI instrumentation.

The 6,100 employees QIAGEN will provide the DNA, RNA and protein molecular data it offers to more than 500,000 customers worldwide.

Equally important, PHI will provide non-invasive single-cell imaging data quantifying cell behavior and morphology without the use of compromising reagents.

The Wake Forest Regenerative Medicine Ecosystem

This new alliance comes from these companies associated with RegeneratOR, a key element of the ecosystem of regenerative medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, called Regenerative Medicine Hub (RegenMed Hub(TM)), positioned to be a national leader in regenerative medicine innovation. The RegeneratOR is a program of RegenMed Development Organization in association with its collaborative research partner, the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The RegenMed Hub(TM), based in the Innovation districtbrings together the resources and talent available through the Wake Forest business and surrounding region, providing extensive resources for entrepreneurs and life science professionals.

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