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qatar: Qatar sets the “validity period of immunity”: 9 months for Covishield & 6 months for Covaxin last shot | India News

NEW DELHI: Following European nations, neighboring Qatar has also decided to consider travellers’ vaccination certificate valid if the last vaccine was taken within a certain period of the proposed visit date. From India’s perspective, this “duration of immunity” is nine months for Covishield and six months for Covaxin.
Since Covid booster shots in India are now allowed to a few people based on criteria such as age, international travelers should be included in this list so that their plans are not affected. This is all the more so as regular international flights could resume from next month.
The Qatar Ministry of Health website states that those who have received an approved/recognized Covid-19 vaccine (by it) will be considered fully vaccinated for a period of immunity validity. “Valid for nine months from 14 days after the second vaccination or the booster dose of the Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zenica Covid vaccines,” it says.
“Valid for six months from 14 days after the second dose or booster dose of conditionally approved COVID-19 vaccines (which includes Covaxin). A positive serology on the antibody test lab result is required and should be valid for 30 days from the test,” a Qatar tourism official said.
“Those who received a booster dose using (Qatar) approved vaccines (including Covishield) the immune status is extended to nine months from seven days after the booster dose and serological antibody test n ‘is no longer necessary,’ the website lists among other terms. Those intending to travel should go through the full list of requirements.
India is still on Qatar’s list of “red sanitary measure countries”. Therefore, fully vaccinated visitors must submit a negative report of a pre-travel RT-PCR test performed within 48 hours of departure. A one-day hotel quarantine is required and a rapid antigen test on the first day of hotel quarantine in Qatar is carried out.
The fixing of immunity validity period by EU, Qatar and soon many other countries has left Indian travelers in dilemma as recalls are not allowed for all here from now on. “I’m over 60 and got the booster. My wife is 57 and not entitled to the same, which she needs for a valid vaccination certificate to travel to Qatar. We had booked tickets to Doha last month and now this rule is coming in. We don’t know what to do,” said a Delhi-based couple who did not want to be named.