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RoPower Nuclear will develop SMRs in Romania


Nuclearelectrica (SNN) and Nova Power & Gas have launched RoPower Nuclear, the project company for the development of small modular reactors in Romania, on the site of the former coal-fired power plant of Doicesti, in the county of Dambovita.

Jose W. Fernandez, U.S. Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and Environment, U.S. Department of State, and Romanian Energy Minister Virgil Popescu observed the signing ceremony of the shareholders’ statement, at the Ministry of Energy, Romania.

Project company RoPower Nuclear SA will take steps to deploy the first NuScale VOYGR-6 (462 MWe) power plant in Romania this decade. The plant will use NuScale Power Module technology from NuScale, the only SMR company to have received design approval from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The installed capacity can also be supplemented by renewable energies amounting to a capacity of c. 80MWe, which would make the new energy complex exceed the capacity of the old Doicesti plant. The joint nuclear-renewable solution would represent not only an optimal production capacity, with the possibility of varying the yield, but also a vision of the sources of production for the electricity network of tomorrow.

“We are proud to develop a safe power plant in Romania that offers clean and cost-effective energy, at the same time bringing multiple benefits to the local community. With energy independence and energy security as the highest goals, Romania will be a leader for the deployment of small modular reactors in the region and the new company, RoPower Nuclear, an example of best practices in the implementation of standards highest safety, performance and productivity. , following the lead of Cernavoda NPP for over 25 years,” said Cosmin Ghita, CEO of SNN.

“The RoPower Nuclear shareholder statement, signed today, reaffirms the good faith of the two partners, Nuclearelectrica and Nova Power & Gas, for the deployment in Romania of the NuScale small modular reactors (SMR). At the same time, it is the guarantee that we will treat this project with the utmost seriousness. The long cooperation between the United States and Romania in the nuclear field has a very successful track record. Thus, I am firmly convinced that RoPower Nuclear will have excellent cooperation with the American nuclear industry and the Romanian industry, within the framework of the USA-Romania strategic partnership, providing clean energy and security of supply for our country and the region,” Teodor Chirica, Chairman of the Board, SNN, added.

“RoPower Nuclear, the joint venture between Nuclearelectrica, a Romanian national company and Nova Power & Gas, a Romanian private company, combining the expertise, potential, stability and agility of the parent companies, could be a model for other futures. energy projects. We are very proud to be part of such a transformative project, which will guarantee Romania’s energy security,” said Teofil Mureșan, President of Nova Power & Gas.