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Russia could get herd immunity to coronavirus before winter, expert says – World



MOSCOW, September 28. / TASS /. Russia’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign could end before winter provided herd immunity is achieved, but the coronavirus problem will still be there, the study center director general told TASS molecular genetics DNKOM, Andrei Isayev.

“I think Russia’s vaccination campaign could end before winter. Judging by the available data, we have already achieved a fairly high level of collective immunity. However, the rate is unstable. The coronavirus continues to mutate, so that the immunity obtained especially through vaccination may become irrelevant with regard to new strains. In addition, booster injections are required to maintain the high level of protection. This is why we are currently not able to completely defeat the pandemic and make the coronavirus disappear, as happened with smallpox, ”the expert stressed. outside.

According to Isayev, the coronavirus will mutate in unpredictable ways, learning to escape antibodies formed as a result of encounters with previous variants. “We cannot yet say whether the new strains will be more or less pathogenic. History says that both options are possible. Today the only conclusion we can draw is that the story of the coronavirus will not end. in 2021 and 2022. Specific drugs could help solve the problem, perhaps some kind of genetic therapy. However, the question remains open, “concluded the expert.

According to the latest data from Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, around 41 million people have been fully vaccinated in Russia and more than 47 million have received the first dose of the vaccine.