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Scott Lippman of UC San Diego to launch and lead the NCI-sponsored Precancer Genome Atlas


Scott Lippman, MD, will launch and lead the PreCancer Genome Atlas, a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-sponsored effort to map in time and space all of the molecular, cellular and structural features of precancerous lesions and how they evolve into invasive cancers. He will retain his position as Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and Care at the University of California at San Diego and step down from his current position as Director of the Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health.

Scott Lippman, MD, will remain Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research and Care at the University of California at San Diego and will move from his current role as Director of the Moores Cancer Center to UC San Diego Health.

Lippman, who became director of the Moores Cancer Center in 2012, has overseen a period of notable growth, collaboration and discovery. He will remain director during a national search for his successor.

Dr. Lippman not only achieved everything we had hoped for during his tenure as Director, he exceeded all expectations. Oncology at UC San Diego Health is now one of the leading academic cancer centers in the world, in large part thanks to the leadership of Dr. Lippman. Dr. Lippman is also leading the UC System-Wide Cancer Initiative. “

David Brenner, MD, Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences, UC San Diego

“It has been 10 amazing years and I am so grateful to all of my amazing colleagues in UC San Diego and the San Diego community for making my vision a reality,” said Lippman, who is also Professor Emeritus. of Medicine and holder of the Chugai Pharmaceutical Chair in Oncology. “It is very exciting to take on a new leadership role at UC San Diego Health and to continue patient care and research to make a difference in the lives of patients. I look forward to welcoming a new Director to lead the next generation of Moores. Cancer Center and I can’t wait to see its bright future unfold. “

Lippman’s tenure was evidenced by significant clinical growth of 400 physicians, nurses and staff serving more than 100,000 patients per year, and expansion of facilities to five regional clinical locations and three affiliations.

Under his leadership, the Pauline and Stanley Foster Pavilion for Cancer Care opened in 2016; the Koman family outpatient ward in 2018; and the Center for Novel Therapeutics in 2019. In October this year, the University of California Regents approved a $ 2.5 billion Hillcrest Medical Campus redevelopment that will include a new outpatient cancer ward, including the opening is scheduled for the end of 2025.

“Dr. Lippman has made us so proud of our cancer care,” said Patty Maysent, CEO of UC San Diego Health. “Our vision is based on the idea that no one should ever need to leave San Diego to receive world-class health care. Dr. Lippman and his team at the Moores Cancer Center made this vision a reality and I follow him. very grateful for his unparalleled dedication and unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference for the patient. ”

Earlier this year, American News and World Report ranked the Moores Cancer Center No. 17 in the country, up from 47 in 2020.

“I am especially proud of the exceptional achievements and impact of our faculty and staff, as well as the growing national recognition we have gained in places like the American News and World Report rankings and our ongoing successful collaborations with other prominent NCI cancer centers, ”said Lippman, who initiated the University of California Cancer Consortium and Council of cancer from NCI San Diego (C3).

Lippman also guided the Moores Cancer Center through two top-rated competitive NCI renewals, earning an Outstanding Designation, a distinction held by just 1 percent of top national cancer centers. He also successfully redeveloped the philanthropic program, increasing annual charitable giving from $ 8 million to $ 60 million in fiscal 2021.

“Developing high-level cancer care in San Diego has been my priority from day one and it has been accomplished under the leadership of Dr Lippman,” said Chancellor Pradeep K. Khosla.

“We are eternally grateful to Dr. Lippman for his impact on cancer care and research, and we are delighted that he is assuming a broader role at UC San Diego as Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and cancer care, focusing on high priority strategic initiatives. His commitment to ensuring a successful transition to our next director illustrates his strength of character and dedication to our community. “