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Seraphina Therapeutics obtained GRAS status for FA15 (TM)


Fatty15 has officially acquired its GRAS certification.

Seraphina Therapeutics Announces It Has Received Generally Recognized As Safe Certification Status (BOLD) for FA15 (TM), a pure powder and a free fatty acid form of C15: 0. A growing body of science argues that C15: 0, also known as pentadecanoic acid, is the first essential fatty acid discovered in the past 90 years. This approval paves the way for the use of FA15 (TM) as an ingredient, including in plant-based milks, plant-based meats and nutritional bars. Natural saturated fatty acid is also currently available in supplement form known as fat15, which ships in durable packaging and is available as a subscription.

“More and more people are looking for plant-based alternatives, including milk and meat substitutes. Although this movement is based on health grounds, these products are deficient in C15: 0, a healthy dietary fat naturally found in whole milk and meat, ”said Dr Stephanie Venn-Watson, CEO and co-founder of Seraphina . Several large studies around the world have consistently shown that higher dietary and body levels of C15: 0 are associated with better health and longevity, possibly due to its demonstrated ability to promote cell resilience, repair mitochondria and naturally bind to key receptors (called PPAR𝛼 and PPAR𝛅) that regulate metabolism, immunity, mood, appetite and sleep. With this new approval, the company will strive to forge partnerships with current companies producing plant-based milk and meat substitutes, as well as nutritional bars, to integrate FA15 (TM) into these products and fill the gaps. dietary deficiencies in C15: 0.

This new approval will provide this essential saturated fat, in pure powder form and suitable for vegans, children over the age of four, and mothers both pregnant and breastfeeding. But, while GRAS is an important step in incorporating FA15 (TM) into foods as an ingredient, Therapeutic Seraphina reiterates that those who wish to adopt this revolutionary new ingredient as soon as possible have the opportunity to acquire FA15 (TM) from a currently available supplement, grass15, today to get enough C15: 0 in their diet.

Fatty15 delivers FA15 (TM) to people as a single vegan capsule per day, providing the body with an essential nutrient that helps protect against degradation associated with aging. the essential fatty acid comes packaged in a reusable glass jar with an eco-friendly bamboo wood cap, and refills are mailed in recyclable packaging to reduce environmental impact. Studies have shown that the supplement can lead to an 80% improvement in cell stability and the mitochondria of human cells can see a 45% improvement in function.

The company has successfully developed methods to produce this innovative, high-quality ingredient in metric tons, and is working to introduce it to more places so that it is easily accessible to everyone. But for now, he remains committed to offering it in bold15, which is readily available online at http://fatty15.com.

Therapeutic Seraphina is a revolutionary start-up founded by a team of leading doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs with decades of experience. This group came together to build fat15, a supplement providing C15: 0, which a growing body of science supports as the first essential saturated fatty acid to be discovered in 90 years. Fatty15 helps protect our health, especially as we age, and is available today. More information is available at https://www.fatty15.com/.

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