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STAG-Tech targets the deployment of renewable energies in India, Africa and the Middle East


STAG-Tech, a UK supplier of containerized wind turbines, and Reinvented Horizons, an Indian business consultancy firm, announced their collaborative project to provide low-cost renewable electricity to mining, agriculture and industry in India, in Africa and the Middle East.

Reinvented Horizons has worked in key regions of India and sub-Saharan Africa on rural electrification and small-scale distributed electricity projects for isolated communities, with the aim of creating greater energy security and stimulate local economic development.

Their facilities in the Middle East are helping to catalyze the C&I sector towards greater adoption of renewables, moving away from dependence on fossil fuels.

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STAG-Tech’s containerized turbines offer an ideal fit to the product market for these markets as they are easily transported to rural areas, while their lightweight design results in minimal foundations, quick installation and capture of wind speeds. fastest at higher altitudes.

Their low level energy cost (LCOE) makes them an ideal complementary generation source to solar PV, reducing dependence on alternatives such as diesel and batteries which are often ten times more expensive per kWh.

Through this partnership, the two sides seek to provide more economical, clean and affordable energy to industrial and domestic consumers across Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

“We are delighted to be working with Reinvented Horizons, this partnership allows us to extend our impact to new geographies, such as India and the Middle East, providing low cost energy to rural communities and businesses. Sunil and his team have a strong track record of project success and we are excited to provide another valuable technology in their product offering, ”said Louis Ravenscroft, Commercial Director of STAG-Tech.

Sunil Luhaar, Senior Business Advisor for Reinvented Horizons, says: “In many regions STAG-Tech is a new concept and no alternative offering comparable value is available at this time. I think they can make a huge difference while developing hybrid projects that will save huge costs in energy storage. We look forward to a productive working relationship in the months and years to come. “

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