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SwissandWellness launches immunity supplements in response to pandemic immunity challenges


The supplements are formulated to help prevent the onset of disease, support immune function, and improve overall health outcomes.

Highlighting the importance of a strong immune system in the fight against COVID-19 and other health threats, specific-purpose health brand SwissandWellness has launched supplements specially formulated for immune system support and recovery . The capsules contain vitamins D, C, B12 and zinc, all of which are linked to the development of adaptive immune responses. The supplement also blends natural botanicals such as elderflower, acerola, and black currant to provide multifunctional benefits, both therapeutic and preventative.

According to company founders Andreea Dumitru, a Swiss health expert, and Dr. Mark Emerson, an American lifestyle medicine specialist, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to health and well-being. in general. However, a standard diet often falls short of the necessary supply of nutrients the body needs to function at its best. The SwissandWellness supplement is developed to fill this lack of nutrients.

Dr. Emerson’s broad-spectrum formulation provides the ideal dosage and combination of nutrients to support healthy immune functions, prevent infections, and fight colds. It is optimized for immunity, strength and recovery. In addition, as the product is produced under strict Swiss manufacturing standards, the safety, quality and effectiveness of the product are guaranteed.

The SwissandWellness supplement is ideal for continuous daily use. It is vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free and available for purchase without a prescription.

Find more details here: https://swissandwellness.com.

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