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Why Jessica Jones Is Immune To Kilgrave’s Powers


Kilgrave tormented Jessica Jones in the first season of her Marvel Netflix show, but how did she become immune to her mind control powers?

The titular character of jessica Jones, performed by Krysten Ritter, is immune to the powers of her nemesis Kilgrave (David Tennant), and here’s why. “The Defenders Saga” has arrived on Disney+, introducing a whole new range of potential viewers to the adventures of its street-level superheroes. These include some of Marvel Television’s most compelling heroes, such as Ritter’s Jessica Jones, a super-powered detective who struggles with PTSD due to her encounter with a dangerous villain named Kilgrave.

Pulled straight from the comics, David Tennant’s Kilgrave is a twisted madman who believes the whole world is supposed to revolve around him. He possesses the ability to manipulate the minds of others with just a word; when he speaks, men and women fall under his sway and will do almost anything he wishes. There is only one exception to Kilgrave’s power, a woman who has managed to overcome his control; Jessica Jones. Naturally, Kilgrave has become completely obsessed with Jessica and yearns to coerce her into serving him of her own free will.


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Jessica Jones’ resistance to Kilgrave’s control is never fully explained in Jessica Jones. Flashbacks ultimately confirm that Kilgrave forced Jessica to commit murder in his name, an act so outside of his own sense of morality that it seems to have worked”flipped a switchin her mind, leaving her in such shock that she was able to simply walk away from him. control it.

David Tennant as Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

It’s possible there’s some sort of biological component to Jessica’s resistance as well. Jessica Jones season 1 eventually reveals that Kilgrave’s body is releasing a virus into the air around him. When someone around Kilgrave breathes in this virus, they become a slave to their will if they speak to them and let them know. Jessica is exposed to the Kilgrave virus for eight months, one of the longest known cases, which means her body may well have started developing antibodies naturally. It may well have been boosted by Jessica’s superhuman metabolism.

Jessica’s immunity is basically the driving force behind Jessica Jones season 1, as she and Kilgrave engage in a senseless game of cat and mouse, with Kilgrave eager to control the life of the only woman who has ever left him. Ironically, Jessica herself probably wasn’t a threat to him; struggling with PTSD after her experiences, she would have preferred to stay away from her former tormentor. So Kilgrave’s obsession sealed his fate in Jessica Jones season 1.

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