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Yoga Asanas to Boost Immunity in Seniors: Expert Shares Advice | Health


With age, the body’s immunity begins to decline. This is when we become more prone to infections and other illnesses. Chronic diseases also follow and creep into the bodies. It is extremely important to start focusing on boosting the body’s immunity, especially for older people, through a range of lifestyle changes. Whether it’s taking a morning walk, including more nutrients in your diet, or devoting time to fitness, there are a range of changes you can make to stay fit, healthy. and strong enough to fight diseases and lead a happy life.

Yoga expert Akshar, in an interview with HT Lifestyle, said, “Yoga is a method that is guaranteed to help you boost your immune system and provide a protective shield against any disease or other health-related issue. All over the world, yoga is considered the best way to protect yourself from viruses like covid. Practice the yoga poses as below as a great way to improve your overall health, boost your immunity, which might otherwise be compromised. He further pointed out four yoga asanas that will help boost the immunity of the body.

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Dandasana – Also known as the Staff Pose, Dandasana helps stretch and activate the hamstrings, calves, and legs, correcting the alignment of the spine. However, longer durations of Dandasana practice should be avoided.

padhastasana – This yoga asana helps to impact and stimulate the abdomen and surrounding organs, which further helps in boosting immunity. It also contributes to better blood circulation in the brain. Paadhastasana also helps reduce anxiety, insomnia and fatigue.

samkonasana – This yoga asana helps to strengthen and lengthen the spine. It also helps stimulate blood circulation throughout the body. However, pregnant women, practitioners suffering from joint pain or showing symptoms of headaches should avoid practicing this yoga asana for a long duration.

Virbhadrasana – In addition to improving body balance, Virbhadrasana also helps stretch the hips, groins, thighs and shoulders.